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Hugs® is a premium Sri Lankan baby-care brand that creates and curates premium, aesthetical, eco-friendly and long-lasting products for your little ones.
Our mission is to create fun, smart, and responsibly-made products that support the developing needs and milestones of littles and make life simpler for moms, dads, and caregivers.
Hugs Family wants every little grows up with access to safe and sustainable parenting alternatives, resources, representation, and opportunity. Therefore we always adhere for quality standards and highest safety.

If your baby has started to put things in their mouth, you’ve probably been looking for a teether or trying to learn what the best teething toys for them would be. As toymakers, we understand that every toy you give to a newborn has to be carefully vetted. But since the ones that go into their mouths need to be all the more safe, you may have a lot of questions about finding the perfect teether. Should it be silicone or wood? Soft or hard? What are teething rings? At what age does your child need a teether? In this blog, we will cover everything you need to know about teethers from when to use them to the best teether material. But before we get there, let’s begin by understanding exactly why babies need teethers.

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Nearly every parent knows the struggle of rifling through things, searching for their baby’s precious pacifier. You may have several spares, but nothing quite matches up with your little one’s favorite pacifier. Products like pacifier clips help put an end to this situation. But is it safe to use pacifier clips for your baby? Check out the information below to find out!

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Since the phones are an inevitable part of our lives we cannot completely detach ourselves from it but, we must always try to have a healthy boundaries for ourselves as well as for our kids regarding the screen time.

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