Description: Hugs Premium Baby cutlery made of silicone and natural wood are a small revolution in infant feeding! These spoons are perfectly suited for young children and contribute to the development of fine motor skills. Their soft silicone tip is soft for the gums and their natural beech wood handle is biodegradable. This soft silicone learning baby spoon is ideal for teaching her how to eat on her own and gaining independence. Made from 100% food grade silicone and beech wood. *PLEASE NOTE THE WOOD HAS SOME GRAINS AS THIS IS NATURAL FOR WOOD. We recommend washing these products by hand as opposed to in the dishwasher, as exposure to prolonged high heat may reduce the lifespan of your wooden spoon handle. Wood is not suitable for microwave oven or dishwasher To keep the natural fibers at maximum strength and condition, condition with natural beeswax or a food safe oil (walnut, coconut, etc.) once every couple of months. Apply a liberal amount to a cloth or paper towel and rub into the spoon handle. Wipe off any excess, then leave overnight to set.

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