The Hugs Suction Bowl with Lid is a perfect utensil when introducing solids. The suction grip helps prevent unnecessary mess be keeping the bowl firmly attached to the table and the curved rim helps little ones learn to scoop their food onto their spoon. The Suction Bowl is made from food grade silicone (no nasties, BPA free) and is microwave and dishwasher safe. "Feeding time" or as we call it in our house, "our worst nightmare" doesn't have to be quite so terrible. Let us try to make it at least a bit more bearable with the help of these amazing 100% food grade safe, BPA free silicone bowls with spoon sets. The bowl include suction cup bottoms that should prevent little Johnny from tossing his plate across the room like a young Dan Marino. While we are at it, let us make leftover life easy too with the included lid to pop on for super easy storage . Great colors to choose from. FEATURES: -BPA/Phthalate free -Kid-friendly wide-base -Two easy grip handles -Strong suction base and easy-release tab CLEANING AND CARE: -Top-rack dishwasher safe -Freezer safe -Microwave safe -UV sterilizer safe -Steam sterilizer safe -Stains can be removed by washing with hot-soapy water

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