With our Hugs Premium Silicone toddler cups with little handles, the transition from bottle to cup is made so easy. No mess, safe for little mouths and easy to clean. FEATURES: - Double Non-Slip Handles & Natural Fit for Tiny Hands. Our Toddler Cup is designed to fit your little ones mouth and little hands, toddlers can hold the tiny cup easily without spilling. This trainer cup will allow your toddler to transition from a bottle to their first grown-up cup, they will be delighted using this silicone training cups like a big kid, an ideal way to encourage your little one to learn to drink independently. - Spill-Proof Lid. Spill proof top is secure and won't break when dropped. When toddler tilts the cup liquid will not come out the sides lid (note the straw is not spill proof - so if tipped upside down it may leak out the straw). It is not easy for your child to open the lid. - Easy to Suck Straw Design works better than the traditional fully-sealed baby drinking cups - as no need to perforate vents on the cup lid. Children can easily suck through the straw without leaking. This toddler training cup with lid and straw can be used as a straw cup and an open cup - perfect for all occasions! - Safe for your toddler - 100% Food Grade Silicone - NO BPA, BPS, PVC, Latex, Plastics, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, Nitrosamine or Formaldehyde. The toddler straw cup edge is rounded off and the soft silicone straw protects developing gums. Heat-resistant silicone can stand -40℉/+446℉, the training cup can be used for both cold drinking and hot drinking. - Easy to Clean and Dishwasher Safe. Unlike other plastic kids cups our latest design of the lids with removable straw makes the silicone baby cup easy to disassemble and wash thoroughly, kid smoothie cups are suitable for microwave, freezer use and can be clean up easily in the dishwasher or by hand. Silicone can even be boiled for 1 minute to sterilize if required.

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