Hugs Organic Muslin swaddles are made from the softest organic cotton + bamboo blend. The premium muslin fabric is lightweight & breathable, and incredibly soft and gentle on baby's skin; perfect for swaddling your little ones. Swaddling recreates the natural conditions babies experience in utero, helping newborns and young babies feel warm, secure and comfortable - just like in the womb. Hugs organic swaddles are ideal for all seasons and temperatures! Our new bamboo & organic cotton fabric blend not only feels luxuriously soft but has so many benefits! - Bamboo has antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities - It is more absorbent & breathable - One of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet! Bamboo is extremely environmentally friendly - using very little water to grow, is a self-replenishing resource, needing no harmful pesticides and being 100% biodegradable. There is no other plant used in fabrics that is as well-suited and gentle on planet Earth. Now available in beautiful designs with a color palette inspired by the earth, they are perfect for the modern nursery. Material: 70% Organic Bamboo + 30% Organic Cotton Size: 120cm x 120cm (XL)

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